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Put Together a Fat-Shredding, Energy-Boosting Paleo CookBook With Gourmet, Quick, and Easy-To-Follow Recipes For the Whole Family

Follow These Simple 15-Minute Recipes To Melt Inches Off Your Waist and Make Your Body Feel Like a Light, Lean, and Healthy 21-Year-Old With Boundless Levels Of Energy

From the desk of: Matt Gallant

Dear friend,

There’s nothing harder than sticking to a “diet” and losing weight when you have a job, kids to take care of, bills to pay and your own sanity to maintain above all else. I get it.

Life can become crazy with no warning. Many people simply don't have the energy or TIME to cook for themselves.

One of the most critical advantages that the most demanding people in the world have (think Hollywood top agents, hardcore biohackers, CEOs, executives, etc) are skilled, private chefs working with them to prepare meals.

Here’s The Biggest Secret That Virtually Every Top Performer And Instagram Models Does...

They’re masters of meal prep. They are able to make it super easy to stick with their diets and take out all the thinking and calculating that comes with preparing each and every single meal.

Instead, they prepare various sets of meals in advance and every meal is pre-calculated using a very simple process.

You’ve heard of folks who are effortlessly dropping pounds and inches from their waist…

Even in their 40’s, 50’s, and beyond…

By simply changing their diets.

Without killing themselves at the gym…

While eating their favorite foods like burgers, bacon, eggs, and avocados.

And despite having kids and a busy life, they’ve been able to get in the BEST shape of their lives - even during middle age.

Maybe you even know some of these people, or follow them on social media…

So how are they doing it? (Are they simply FREAKS OF NATURE? I’ll answer that below)

And how can you do it too?

Read this letter to the very end because we reveal for you the secret ANSWERS on this page.

3 Factors Stopping You From Dropping Weight Like Clockwork

1. You Don’t Have a “Go-To” Collection of Fat-Melting Recipes for When You’re Tired or Stressed (this is critical).

So you end up cheating on your diet as soon as you don’t have the energy.

Let’s face it…

When you’re busy, tired, or stressed you’re going to do the EASIEST thing you possibly can.

That’s simply human nature.

This means when you’re coming home from work tired, and you need to get a meal ready for the family…

You’re going to cook or reach for the easiest thing possible: your favorite comfort food.

The same you’ve made and eaten thousands of times, most likely some variety of carbs and cheese.

… pasta, anyone?


You’ll stop at the drive-through to curb your cravings, and pick something up for the family while you’re there.

Such as pizza, pasta, or burgers with fries.

(The perfect recipe for putting ON pounds)

At this point you’ve given up on your diet and you’re asking yourself, who the hell can actually stick to a diet?

Which brings me to the next point that’s holding you back from finally shedding the stubborn pounds…

2. The Meals You’re Eating Are Fuelling Your Addiction to Junk and Weight-Gaining Foods

Let me explain...

When you eat a HIGH carb diet (bread, pasta, and carbs of all kinds)...

Your energy is being fuelled by sugar spikes (the sugar comes from carbs because once carbs go into your body, it becomes glucose).

And these spikes don’t last very long…

Sometimes only minutes.

This is why you could bring a GIANT sub for lunch, eat half of it, and feel full…

But FIVE minutes later, you instantly get an uncontrollable craving for the last half of your sub.

And you gobble it up.

It’s why you can BINGE a whole bag of chips, cookies, or some other unhealthy snack without even noticing it.

Carbs give your body and taste buds a short hit of energy and “feel good” sensation.

Which keeps you wanting more after every bite.

Worst of all…

These high-carb, processed foods ALSO make you fat and SICK.

This is why most of us in America are fat, tired, and have some kind of health condition (if not several).

We’re ADDICTED to carbs.

And our bodies WANT that spike of sugar for energy.

Yet it's causing us to die young, have zero energy, and feel depressed when we take our clothes off.

Even just ONE “cheat meal” in the early stages of switching diets can send you down a junk-food binge session.

3. You’re Lacking a Variety of Quick, Easy-To-Make, and Tasty Recipes

If you’re like the rest of us …

You grew up eating high-carb and low-fat meals.

And it’s probably what you ate daily for literally decades...

Which is what’s led to your body feeling bloated, fat, sick, and tired.

The same goes with your take-out options. You’ve likely been eating MUCH of the same take-out options for most of your life… which are making you gain weight.

Changing your life-long diet and lifestyle is going to be complicated, challenging, and will require a lot of thinking on your end.

You’re essentially fighting an uphill battle.

You need to have a variety of tasty, yet healthy comfort foods that will put your body into a fat-burning mode - day in and day out.

How to Consistently Cut Inches Off Your Waist

Step 1: You need to switch your metabolism from burning carbs to fats.

Remember how carbs give you that quick sugar spike of energy, only to make you hungry again shortly after?

Well, when you switch to a high-fat diet, within days your body is going to shift to burning FAT for fuel instead…

Which is going to KILL your cravings for fat-forming junk food.

This might seem unbelievable to you, but when you’re eating HEALTHY fats you become significantly less hungry throughout the day.

Some of us at BiOptimizers often eat just once or twice a day.

Step 2: You need to update your “go-to” meals, recipes, and snacks.

This is so that instead of whipping up Mac N Cheese, and gluten-full pasta when you’re too tired to cook something “healthy”…

You’ll know how to quickly cook up some delicious, filling, low-carb pasta instead…

EASILY putting you into a caloric deficit …

Which is going to FORCE your body to burn fats and proteins for energy…

And shred inches around your arms, waist, and thighs.

Step 3: You need to have VARIETY of delicious yet SIMPLE recipes at hand

To create lasting change it’s going to take time.

I’m not talking about dieting. “Dieting” is short term…

Unless you want your weight to go down and then up like a yo-yo.

I’m talking about making it a lifestyle. For this to happen, you need to KNOW several recipes like the back of your hand.

Your new lifestyle diet has to be EASY to follow, fulfilling, and delicious...

… if you want to stick to it.

$20,000 Spent To Discover The Secret Fat-Loss Weapon Used By Billionaires

In 2016, our BiOptimizers executive team went on a week-long retreat called “40 Years of Zen.”

(This is an exclusive program by the legendary BioHacker, Dave Asprey… the founder of the Bulletproof Diet and popularized “butter-coffee.”)

This is an event where for a whole week we’re strapped to “biofeedback” machines for hours each day, in order to alter our brain…

It’s meant to condense the effects of 40 years of meditation into just ONE week.

During this retreat we also eat the healthiest superfoods known to Earth.

Which were all cooked by top gourmet chefs.

Making our meals not only powerfully nutritious, but also heavenly tasty.

After leaving this event, not only did our minds feel like we had spent a lifetime at the spa…

Our bodies felt lighter…

We had more energy…

We stood just a little bit taller…

And felt like we’d done a full week-long juice cleanse…

However, we did not fast.

Rather, we ate grass-fed meats and fatty foods all week.

Fast forward a few years later and we bumped into the executive chef from 40 Years of Zen who cooked our superfood meals during the retreat…

After several years working as the head chef for Dave Asprey’s retreat, he moved on to start his own company, Primal Chef: professional private chefs specializing in Paleo, Keto, AIP, Bulletproof, Whole30, Gluten-Free, and Allergy-Free Healthy Eating.

He combined his culinary skills with his passion for nutrition to make delicious, HEALTHY recipes for clients that:

Easily puts their bodies into ketosis (a fat-burning state of being)... and helps them lose weight while eating like kings and queens

Lowers inflammation throughout the body (who else is in chronic pain, fatigue, and inflammation because of diet?)

Eliminates migraines, acne, and allergies (by cutting out all problematic foods)

Meet The “Primal Chef,”

Gil Butler…

Whose Easy and Delicious Recipes Will Cut Inches Off Your Waist and Thighs And Restore Your Energy and Vitality

As you know…

You are what you eat.

If you’d like to change how you look and feel every day...

The fastest way to do this is by changing your diet.

This is what Chef Gil discovered when he began experimenting with the Paleo diet over a decade ago…

Seeing his health and family’s health change when he turned to a “primal” diet.

… His allergies cleared up.

… His mom’s life-long migraines disappeared, and her energy came back.

This “Primal” and Optimal Way of Eating Is Now Affordable and Available

Lucky for you, Wade and I convinced Primal Chef Gil to work with us and put together a simple “Primal” cookbook that’s going to change the way you cook forever.

All of his recipes are Paleo-friendly, optimized for lowering inflammation, and will give you countless options to cook refreshing variations for years to come.

This is a cookbook designed for humans who want to:

Lose stubborn body fat naturally through eating an optimal diet. When your body stops burning carbs for fuel, and instead burns FAT… it becomes easy to get into a caloric deficit. This is why Paleo and Keto diets have become SO popular. Losing weight becomes easy when you’re in ketosis.

Feel energized as you did in your teens and twenties, when your metabolism worked flawlessly (as you get older, your metabolism slowly breaks down from decades of bad nutrition… with these recipes your body will switch into a fat burning state and will give you energy like you had as a kid).

Have clear, bright, and smooth skin… free from rashes and acne (did you know skin problems are often caused by problematic foods? Gil’s recipes ONLY include easy-to-digest foods).

Get rid of body aches and pains. It's been proven that nearly ALL diseases, especially arthritis, stem from chronic INFLAMMATION. And what creates inflammation in the body? Junk food. When you switch to Gil’s easy to follow recipes, you’re going to be lowering your body’s inflammation little by little every day… while eating delicious foods that also optimize your health.


The Primal Paleo CookBook

“Primal Chef” Gil’s 81 Mouth-Watering, Fat-Melting, Paleo Recipes Take Literally Minutes To Make, Which Your WHOLE Family Will LOVE

The Primal Paleo Cookbook

Full Color Print Copy

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Best Value The Primal Paleo CookbookPLUS Recipe Videos

Full Color Print Copy

3 FREE digital bonuses

Epic video tutorials from Chef Gil Butler for 73 recipes (access in the BiOptimized App)

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Do not be thrown off if the names of these recipes sound unfamiliar and strange.

Chef Gil put together his FAVORITE recipes which he discovered from travelling the world…

And turned them into Paleo-friendly versions that will actually give you energy, kill your food cravings, and help you lose weight…

Until you reach your optimal fitness goals naturally.

Not only are they very simple…

They’re all mouth-wateringly delicious…

And many take less than 15 minutes to recreate.

The best part?

Your family won’t even notice that you’re cooking healthy.

You’ll discover 81 recipes consisting of full meals, sauces, snacks, and desserts.

PLUS, if you opt for our recommended offer, you can get access to Chef Gil Butler’s videos on how to effortlessly create 73 recipes.

Here Are a Few Samples of Recipes you’ll Find Inside the Primal Paleo Cookbook

... ...


Pasta is one of the easiest yet simplest dishes to cook for the whole family. Chef Gil took a classic pasta sauce and upgraded it with Paleo-friendly ingredients. The best part? You can make BIG batches of this one, feed the whole family, and have leftovers for the rest of the week.

... ...


Not to be mistaken with lard (spelled with a “D”)... LARB is the national dish of Laos, a country sitting right next to Thailand. And if you’re a fan of Thai food, then you’re going to LOVE this easy-to-make meat-salad dish that's exploding with fresh South-East Asian flavours.

It makes for a great meal to pack for work, and is easy to cook-up whenever you’re in a rush.

When you use the oils Gil recommends, you’ll be fuelling up on GOOD fats that will curb your appetite for hours.

... ...

Thai Pork Ribs

Finally… going Paleo doesn’t mean losing your favorite take-out meals. There’s a reason why Thai food has EXPLODED over the past few decades… it’s simply DELICIOUS.

Now you can make your favorite Thai dish GUILT-FREE. Gil’s going to show you how to replace the grains with Paleo-friendly alternatives.

... ...

Pork belly

Say hello to your new weekly staple. Here’s a meat you can cook up and add to almost any dish for exquisite, mouth-watering flavour.

You can throw this in an airfryer and have a batch of pork belly ready within MINUTES… rather than hours.

... ...

Cauliflower pizza

Can’t live without pizza? No worries, Chef Gil’s got you covered.

This Paleo and Keto friendly pizza crust is going to replace your Friday night pizza.


The Primal Paleo Cookbook

Full Color Print Copy

3 FREE digital bonuses

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Best Value The Primal Paleo CookbookPLUS Recipe Videos

Full Color Print Copy

3 FREE digital bonuses

Epic video tutorials from Chef Gil Butler for 73 recipes (access in the BiOptimized App)

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Use These Paleo-Friendly Sauces To Elevate Nearly Any Meal or Snack

Folks often quit “diets,” and order take-out because the meals are boring and lack flavor.

With these sauces you’ll never get bored of eating Paleo.

You can simply cook a piece of meat with some veggies, add ANY one of these sauces, and you’ll have a delicious meal that makes your taste-buds explode.

You can make these savory sauces in a matter of minutes…

And never want to “cheat” on your diet again.

These sauces make sticking to your Paleo diet as easy as paleo-pie.

And before you know it…

Within a few weeks, you’ll notice how inches have already melted off your waist.

Try these sauces for yourself.

You’ll Also Get 3 FREE Digital Bonuses

1. SuperFood Snacks Cookbook

What holds most people back from reaching their health goals?


So of course, we had to include some heavenly appetite-curbing snacks you can make in minutes.

And eat “cheat meals” without actually cheating.

These superfood snacks from Chef Gil Butler will keep your tummy FULL and satisfy you anytime you have a craving...

Chopped liver with crudite
Japanese Salmon salad
American Salmon salad
Cauliflower Fry Bread
Yucca fries
Jicama fries
Vietnamese chicken wings
Korean fried chicken

Some superfood snack recipes that will surely satisfy you.

2. Guilt-Free Paleo Desserts Cookbook

You read that right…

Your second bonus book is: Guilt-Free Paleo Desserts.

16 Paleo-friendly desserts you’d never realize were “healthy.”

Not only are these delectable, they’re also FILLING.

This means that after just a few BITES… you’ll feel like you’re satisfied.

So instead of eating a whole chocolate bar by yourself, or emptying a tub of ice cream before you notice it’s gone…

You’re going to feel FULL after just a few bites.

These 16 desserts by Chef Gil Butler make gaining weight impossible…

While you get to indulge your taste buds and get a mouthful of sweetness like you deserve.

Gooey Butter Cake
Ice Cream Cake
Vanilla Honey Cake
Tres Leches
Chocolate Cake
Avocado Chocolate Mousse
Cake Truffles

Some of the mouth-watering dessert recipes from the book.

3. Weekly Calorie Plans With Shopping List

Let’s be honest - life gets hectic. And if you’re following any kind of specific calorie goals, we want to ease any concerns you might have about hitting your goals with these recipes.

We’ve done the heavy-lifting for you ;) You’ll get 4 different weeks of meal plans that hit different calorie goals AND the weekly shopping list of ingredients needed to make it happen.

You can easily follow along and enjoy tasty new Paleo recipes without worrying about your calorie goals for the week.

The Primal Paleo Cookbook Makes Eating Paleo Delicious and Simple So You Never Fall Off The Bandwagon Again

When you order your copy of the Primal Paleo cookbook you’re not just getting mouth-watering, simple Paleo recipes…

With savory sauces to elevate ANY dish…

Plus snacks and desserts…

You’re getting a nutritional BLUEPRINT you can follow all year long, and never get bored…

So you can meet your health goals FAST.

Whether that’s getting in the best shape of your life…

Or lowering inflammation that’s causing all sorts of other negative long-term side effects in your body (body aches, IBS, leaky gut, migraines, and mental issues like Alzheimer’s)...

The Primal Paleo Cookbook makes eating Paleo FUN, simple, and enjoyable…

Instead of a duty.

The best part?

Not only will you feel amazing within the FIRST few days of following these recipes…

You’ll also be enjoying the PROCESS.

Which is just as important as the end goal itself.

Life is about the journey, not just the destination.

This is Chef Gil’s FIRST Cookbook and There’s Only 4865 copies left… Claim Yours Today

The Primal Paleo Cookbook

Full Color Print Copy

3 FREE digital bonuses

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Best Value The Primal Paleo CookbookPLUS Recipe Videos

Full Color Print Copy

3 FREE digital bonuses

Epic video tutorials from Chef Gil Butler for 73 recipes (access in the BiOptimized App)

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Matt Gallant
  • CEO, and Co-Founder of BiOptimizers
  • Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and Sc. of Phys. Act
  • Conditioning Coach for Multiple Pro-Athletes